Christmas comes early?

2008-11-19 13:37:36 by evil-gerbil

Hello there New Grounds buddies (no "i aint your buddy, pal" jokes please) after finishing my London Underground video, i came to the conclusion: my animation is piss. Hey, I'm still learning so it's no problem, but after I made it, I decided to make a short "test" video (which can be found on youtube on my channel, look up Evilgerbil253666) and i was actually a bit more proud of this video, and got ready to work on my next project-but what could I work on? ah yes, of course, Christmas is on it's way, what'll be good? a Christmas video! So watch out, because yet again, Kenny shall be lepaing onto your screen with a Festive jingle, which hopefully you should enjoy, just thought I'd let you know.

P.S: This'll also be my last "musical" video for a while, as now I wanna finally get to work on proper animations, and I'll lay off Kenny for a while to work on the other EGP projects-but he'll be back-and better than ever!

Frink out. (also, here is a small picture of Santa's Grotto from my Xmas video.)

Christmas comes early?


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