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2009-03-26 12:21:53 by evil-gerbil

okay so i could just put this on my website on the news page, but that would mean bothering KrEid (whom is hosting my site because he is just that awsome) so i'll just post it on here, most people will read it on here anyways. So yeah, you may have noticed lack of videos minus one small youtube video a few weeks ago, which was terrible. The reason for this is my exams are coming up soon, and it's fair to say i'm not looking forward to them, and things are made harder by millions of mocks being given to us when we're trying to revise for the actual exams, and the setting of coursework when we just want to learn the stuff for our damn exams. but yeah enough about how much of a pain in the ass our school is, consequently because of all this work videos have been put on hold, minus the off crappy stickman video i make whilst bored. i will be getting back into them ASAP, so don't think i'm just giving up or being lazy, well i am lazy, but that's not the point. so yeah, until about May-ish there won't be much going on, so you'll just have to be patient, but i can say that Gerbil Tails will definatly be the first video to be made when i get back into it, so that should go well hopefully.

so yeah anyways that's it, sorry again

Skippy (Evil Gerbil Productions Supreme Overlord)


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