2009-04-12 07:39:48 by evil-gerbil

well it's been a while, but i'm back into animating proper videos again...kinda. i have to make a presentation for my history class, so i decided to do one in Flash. if its any good i might even upload it on here, who knows. after that though, i will get back into animating for actual toons, starting with a little "come back" video (yes it will be another music video, oh well.) however it will be my last one for a long time (well, until Halloween roles around) because after that it's onto work with the first Gerbil Tails.

anyways must go now, that kick ass fight scene from Matrix Reloaded is starting, you know the one, where he's fighting the millions of Agent Smiths? awsome.

Skippy, the EGP over-lord.

by the way, if you have a PS3, please add me i wouldn't mind doing a bit more gaming against people, my addy is Skippy25666. below is a scene from my History presentation too.



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