2 weeks of hell.

2009-05-30 16:44:37 by evil-gerbil

Well, my week of holidays is almost up, i have sunday, then after that I'm back into exam season. Luckily there's two weeks left, then my school years are over for good (excluding Sixth Form) and i only have about 7 days of actually being in school, and 6 exams left-so that narrows it down pretty well. So yeah, after that, i'm going to have a little rest, then i'm going to get back into my animating. One video is already under-way, my little "come-back" video, you know just something simplistic to show my return from my time off *cough*music video again*cough*. The final leg of this year should see some good films, some of my halloween special is already made, and i have my christmas special planned out, and hopefully i'll squeeze in an episode of BOB, i know it kinda sucks my first proper video will be a stickman after all my other videos, but i wanna start small so i can release at least one non-music video film this year.

So yeah, thanks to anyone who actually bothers to read these, Hasta.

Skippy McSkip, EGP over-lord.

P.S: has anyone else seen Drag Me To Hell yet? awesome film, i reccomend it if you've not seen it yet.


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