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Bloody hell!

Very bloody, nice work! I thought he was wanking at first until he pulled up the heart.

Kreid responds:

XD never thought that!

Very good film

awesome film, you've obviously put alot of work into this and it's come out really well, i can't wait til the 2nd one. I'd normally give a 9, but because my sexy and superior voice is featured in it, i'm giving a 10. Yeah.

Kreid responds:

:D awesome

Amazing bit of bunny slaughter

All I can pretty much say is "wow". I watched your previous Bunnykill videos ages ago, and I completely loved them, and I wasn't let down with this one which pleased me. I wasn't so sure on the setting at first, but you pulled it off really well and it turned out fantastic, and I loved the big guy too. The ending was a bit sad, but a good one, so well done. Hope there's a chance of a Bunnykill 5 down the line, keep up the good work!

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can' wait til the full game!

this is a kick-ass game, another great from KrEid! it's like a mix of KrEid's videos and lemmings, but it's pulled off brilliantly without ripping off lemmigs or making a tacky spin-off! i'm looking forward to the full game, os get it made until i finish the extra hard levels! (oh yeah, and try posting up some walkthroughs for naff players like me! =D)

Kreid responds:

Simple gameplay, no walkthrough needed tbh

roll over Abe!

ithis is a great game, and kinda like a ressurection of the golden ps1 game "abe's oddesy"-and i'm loving it! can't wait til i see the full thing-please make it great as this demo is!-but as it's you KirEid- i know i can espect the very best!

Kreid responds:


by far the bets tutorial to date

it had great quality, easy step by step parts, and humour, but without side-tracking from the tutorial. it's made me a better flash video maker, and best tutorial i found, nice work dude

Kreid responds:


Welcome to the only and only EGP Newgrounds page- no trainers.

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