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Posted by evil-gerbil - January 8th, 2010

So...yeah, not been working alot on animations, however this year should be much more animation-bearing, with the launch of Racist Pands Inc. Check out the site at http://racist-panda-inc.webs.com and see the material so far, and look forward to some new stuff coming soon!

Posted by evil-gerbil - June 12th, 2009

FINALLY. Exams are officially over. Sadly I haven't technically finished school yet, as I didn't get all my ICT done, but at least I don't have to do the same grinding crap day in day out now. So yeah, videos are back in play now, I'm going to have a little rest up to relax, then I'm getting back into work on the vids.

EGP over-fiend.

Posted by evil-gerbil - May 30th, 2009

Well, my week of holidays is almost up, i have sunday, then after that I'm back into exam season. Luckily there's two weeks left, then my school years are over for good (excluding Sixth Form) and i only have about 7 days of actually being in school, and 6 exams left-so that narrows it down pretty well. So yeah, after that, i'm going to have a little rest, then i'm going to get back into my animating. One video is already under-way, my little "come-back" video, you know just something simplistic to show my return from my time off *cough*music video again*cough*. The final leg of this year should see some good films, some of my halloween special is already made, and i have my christmas special planned out, and hopefully i'll squeeze in an episode of BOB, i know it kinda sucks my first proper video will be a stickman after all my other videos, but i wanna start small so i can release at least one non-music video film this year.

So yeah, thanks to anyone who actually bothers to read these, Hasta.

Skippy McSkip, EGP over-lord.

P.S: has anyone else seen Drag Me To Hell yet? awesome film, i reccomend it if you've not seen it yet.

Posted by evil-gerbil - April 12th, 2009

well it's been a while, but i'm back into animating proper videos again...kinda. i have to make a presentation for my history class, so i decided to do one in Flash. if its any good i might even upload it on here, who knows. after that though, i will get back into animating for actual toons, starting with a little "come back" video (yes it will be another music video, oh well.) however it will be my last one for a long time (well, until Halloween roles around) because after that it's onto work with the first Gerbil Tails.

anyways must go now, that kick ass fight scene from Matrix Reloaded is starting, you know the one, where he's fighting the millions of Agent Smiths? awsome.

Skippy, the EGP over-lord.

by the way, if you have a PS3, please add me i wouldn't mind doing a bit more gaming against people, my addy is Skippy25666. below is a scene from my History presentation too.


Posted by evil-gerbil - March 26th, 2009

okay so i could just put this on my website on the news page, but that would mean bothering KrEid (whom is hosting my site because he is just that awsome) so i'll just post it on here, most people will read it on here anyways. So yeah, you may have noticed lack of videos minus one small youtube video a few weeks ago, which was terrible. The reason for this is my exams are coming up soon, and it's fair to say i'm not looking forward to them, and things are made harder by millions of mocks being given to us when we're trying to revise for the actual exams, and the setting of coursework when we just want to learn the stuff for our damn exams. but yeah enough about how much of a pain in the ass our school is, consequently because of all this work videos have been put on hold, minus the off crappy stickman video i make whilst bored. i will be getting back into them ASAP, so don't think i'm just giving up or being lazy, well i am lazy, but that's not the point. so yeah, until about May-ish there won't be much going on, so you'll just have to be patient, but i can say that Gerbil Tails will definatly be the first video to be made when i get back into it, so that should go well hopefully.

so yeah anyways that's it, sorry again

Skippy (Evil Gerbil Productions Supreme Overlord)

Posted by evil-gerbil - January 19th, 2009

well it's now January (kind of a Slowpoke reply, but you know how it is...) and soon i'll start work on my new videos. I had some problems with my internet during Xmas and now i have it back up and running again i can sort out my newgrounda account again, and post this comment. Anyways this year should be a good one, and soon i should be FINALLY getting a good mic so i can do sounds for my videos instead of just music vid after music vid (sadly i didnt get my mic this xmas...but i did get a PS3, so huzzahs!) And also my mocks are finally over so i can officially start work...well, once i find a way to stop playing LittleBigPlanet...

Posted by evil-gerbil - December 16th, 2008

well the Xmas vid is out, and i hope you enjoyed it. i'm going to take a break for xmas as i have family coming over, and at the start of Jan '09 i have mock exams to look forward to-so revision might be an idea. anyways, the next video i work on should be BOB, but i may change my mind.

but until then, Merry Xmas, and a Happy new year!

Skippy McSkip, EGP

Posted by evil-gerbil - November 19th, 2008

Hello there New Grounds buddies (no "i aint your buddy, pal" jokes please) after finishing my London Underground video, i came to the conclusion: my animation is piss. Hey, I'm still learning so it's no problem, but after I made it, I decided to make a short "test" video (which can be found on youtube on my channel, look up Evilgerbil253666) and i was actually a bit more proud of this video, and got ready to work on my next project-but what could I work on? ah yes, of course, Christmas is on it's way, what'll be good? a Christmas video! So watch out, because yet again, Kenny shall be lepaing onto your screen with a Festive jingle, which hopefully you should enjoy, just thought I'd let you know.

P.S: This'll also be my last "musical" video for a while, as now I wanna finally get to work on proper animations, and I'll lay off Kenny for a while to work on the other EGP projects-but he'll be back-and better than ever!

Frink out. (also, here is a small picture of Santa's Grotto from my Xmas video.)

Christmas comes early?

Posted by evil-gerbil - November 14th, 2008

Hi there, and welcome to the Evil Gerbil Productions (EGP) page of newgrounds. At the time I write this, I have 2 videos on Newgrounds (as you can see.) but worry ye not, there are many more on the way. They will not all be starring Kenny, nor will they all be music videos, in fact there'll be a mix of pretty much all kinds, so something hopefully for everyone. Anyways I could go on, but I don't want to, and this is only here to say I have put up a post.

Your local ass-hole,

Skippy, Evil Gerbil Productions

P.S: Rating 5s guarantees citizenship... ...Hey, worth a shot.